della love (thedirtisout) wrote,
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Everytime I see him, things only get better. I didn't mean to make him cry, I love him so much. And while we lay together cuddling in the backseat of his car, I just think about how perfect he is, and how lucky I am. I slept in his shirt last night, and it'll be hard for anyone to try and get me to take it off. He owns my heart.

You look so pretty with my skin touching yours
You've only got eyes for me now. You've only got time for me now.
You've only got eyes for me now and you know how blind I am without you
The angels hair is cutting lines across his cheeks
With all my strength I make him love me
He tastes like summer and smells like romance
He breathes no throat song chorus but I move his lips to form the words "I love you"
I taste his lips and I know he loves me


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