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So...last weekend was eventful and I've got the pictures to prove it.


Laura and I are cooler then most people. ever.

TexasMike sleeps...

In Columbus Brittnie and Denise and Laura got they took pictures

Desiree and Brittnie are so gangsta

...I swear I'm not an attict but I'm still at it

The afterparty was probably my favorite part of the trip. We like to dance.

Fabi and Brittnie like to dance, too

Travis and Kate are my favorite lovelys.

I think Brittnie danced more then any of us, but Chris got in on the action too

Me and TexasMike pretty much rule the universe.

Shit, if I remembered all the people's names that we took this with I would say them...umm, there was me, Brittnie, Laura, Summer...and I pretty much forget the 2 guys and girl names..oops

I pretty much heart Brittney

Brittnie and Brittney. Love'um


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