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I am finally home now, finally got to hear him again. That comfort is like no other you can imagine.

Friday- Got up very early, and went to Brittnie's. Texas Mike and Laura had gotten there the night before and Denise was on her way. We got ready and stuff and headed down to Newport. When we got there Dee, Amber, Gabby, and Josh were there. It was so cold, you can't even imagineeee. Introduced Texas Mike to the first ever United Dairy Farmer (UDF) that he'd ever seen..walked around...waited for the show.

The show came, Gym Class did awesome as did The Academy boys, but we knew this would happen. Everytime I see them the crowd gets better and better. Midtown went on and right after their set, i check my a text from Stacey (don't ask me why) asking ''where are you''...I didn't know what to think, so I told her...and later found that was a mistake. Basically they started a bunch of drama and shit and ruined a lot of that night for me. Thanks.

After the show, stayed at Brittnie's.

Saturday- Not much exciting stuff happened...I got sick and puked my guts out during the FOB set. Felt bad for calling and crying about it to Kyle.

Sunday- Woke up...same'ol same 'ol...went down to the Intersection, and I got lost in Michigan trying to find a bathroom. Two guys were being assholes and wouldn't leave us alone. Got to wait inside.


Show was great.

Afterparty was my favorite. Adam got so drunk and Mike was already. All I remember Mike saying is ''SANTI". Bill was drunk, too, and all his emotions came storming out. He went around to me and Laura and Brittnie and Liz and told us all something special and he was crying. We were all crying.

Today- Cried at goodbye.


Pictures from this weekend will be up soon. I promise, they are awesome too.


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